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Vaser Namespace

The Vaser namespaces contain types for handling network connections and networkdata. Child namespaces contain types that are used to manage connections, send and receive datapackets and encryption options for connections.
Public classContainer
The Container class is for inheritance your data packets. use: public class my_datapacket : Container
Public classIDPool
This class is a simple ID pool holder.
Public classLink
This class manages your connections to the server.
Public classLinkEventArgs
Holds the connection link.
Public classNetVector2
A simple dataholder.
Public classPacketEventArgs
Event data holder
Public classPortal
This class is a data gateway for sending and receiving packets. It helps to manage the datastream by separating the packets by its thematic.
Public classPortalCollection
This class is the portalholder.
Public classVaserClient
This class is used for opening connections to servers. Usage: VaserClient.ConnectClient(...);
Public classVaserServer
This class is used to start servers. Use: VaserServer srv = new VaserServer(...);
Public structureOptions
Static settings collection
Public structurePacket_Recv
This class holds your incoming data packet.