Vaser is a powerful high performance event based network engine library for C# .Net. It’s possible to start multiple servers in one program and use the same network code for all servers. In the network communication are all strings are omitted, instead it is based on a unique binary identifier, which the CPU and memory relieves massively.

What does Vaser exactly?

Vaser manages TCP/IP connections between server and clients.

Server TCP/IP Clients

The main goal of this engine is simplified object-oriented networking.


  • the communication is Kerberos or SSL encrypted
  • event based data package handling
  • structured data communication with data portals
  • simple data container building
  • ability to send 1D arrays
  • data packets have ObjectID’s and ContainerID’s identifier for simplified object-oriented networking
  • ready for use request-response-pattern classes
  • robust programming architecture
Build your own simple Datapackages for your Application: If you need any help or have suggestions, please send me a message.

Get Vaser: